Reasons That It’s Better To Have Your Groomer Express Your Dog’s Anal Glands

6 April 2018
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One of the nice things about having your dog professionally groomed is that many groomers can provide a variety of services beyond actually cutting your dog's hair. One such service is expressing the animal's anal glands, which is something that some dogs need done regularly. These glands, located inside the anus on each side, fill up with fluid and their swollen nature can cause your pet discomfort. While there are plenty of tips online that explain how to tackle this task yourself, you may wish to strongly consider paying your groomer a little extra for him or her to do this work. Read More 

4 Reasons Florida’s Gulf Coast Is Both A Bargain And The Perfect Getaway

29 May 2017
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When they think of a vacation in Florida, many people automatically think about the theme parks of Orlando, the frenetic and multicultural mecca of Miami, or the relaxed pace of the Keys. However, the Gulf Coast can offer all these things for a fraction of the cost. So, how can you take advantage of this getaway? Here are four great ways. Theme Park Fun. Disney World isn't the only place to ride the roller coasters and eat too much junk food. Read More 

Tips For Renting Out Your Condo

2 November 2016
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If you own a condo as one of the properties that you possess, you might not spend all of your time in it and might need to travel for work. This can result in you deciding to try to rent out your condo in order to help cover its monthly payments. Here are some tips for renting out your condo in order to make the process as easy as possible. Read More 

Use These Traveler “Hacks” to Boost Your Next Hotel Visit

27 July 2016
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Currently, booking a night at a hotel has never been easier—a few keystrokes and clicks of the mouse and you can make a reservation. However, experienced travelers know that there's more to booking a stay than just finding a hotel online that has a favorable rate. There are a number of simple methods that the average traveler might not know, but that are possible to implement, to make your next stay more enjoyable. Read More 

Make Sure You Get An Accessible Room After A Recent Surgery

18 June 2016
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People with long-term disabilities know the importance of specifying that they want an accessible room upon making a reservation at a hotel, but if you're traveling in the wake of having a hip or knee replacement surgery, you might not think of this request in advance. These surgeries are increasingly common; each year, approximately 500,000 knee replacement surgeries take place, as well as more than 175,000 surgeries to replace hips. Although patients will stay at home recuperating as much as possible in the weeks and months following the surgery, you might occasionally find yourself in a scenario in which you need to travel. Read More