Places That Offer The Best Views Of The Sky

22 April 2016
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Looking up and seeing the sky lit up with stars is something that many city dwellers are not used to. In order to get a great view of the cosmos, it is necessary to travel to a place with a clear sky that is free from light pollution. Stargazing is the focus of many astronomically minded travelers across the US. Luckily there are plenty of places to stay in the US that offer stunning views of the heavens. Here are three places that travelers should check out.

The Florida Keys

Situated at the bottom of the Florida Peninsula, the Florida Keys are known for their beautiful beaches and happening hot spots. There is also some top notch stargazing available in the keys as well. The Florida Keys experience nice weather year round, making it an ideal spot to be outdoors even at night. Big Pine Key is especially known for its view of the sky and attracts visitors from all around the country. Since the Florida Keys are a hot vacation spot, hotels and other places to stay can be very pricey. Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys are known for being less expensive than Key West. There are also campgrounds and RV parks available which can save travelers money and allow them full views of the sky.

West Texas

West Texas offers some of the best star viewing in the country. The western half of Texas offers little light pollution and some amazing scenic views. It's also home to McDonald Observatory, just outside of Fort Davis. A visit there is a must for anyone interested in viewing the night sky. There are plenty of places to stay in nearby Fort Davis ranging from campgrounds to traditional hotels. A trip to this area offers not only great views of the stars but a wonderful opportunity to learn more about it at the McDonald Observatory.


For those looking for outdoor adventure and spectacular views of the stars, it doesn't get much better than Hawaii. At 4,200 meters high, the summit that houses the Mauna Kea Observatory offers amazing views due to it's distance from big cities and the height of the summit. There are plenty of accommodations near the observatory that offer the best of what Hawaii has to offer. For stargazers who want a tropical vacation combined with an amazing look at the heavens, a trip to Mauna Kea is a must.

Stargazing is something that can be done across the US. The Florida Keys, West Texas, and the tropical paradise of Hawaii are musts on any serious stargazer's list. For more information on accommodations for your next trip, check out a place like The Baker House 1650.