Four Fire Safety Tips To Remember During Your Next Hotel Visit

12 May 2016
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At home, you likely take steps to reduce the risk of a fire and you hopefully also have an escape plan with your family. When you travel and stay overnight at a hotel, it's important to also keep fire safety in your mind. Upon checking into the hotel, you should never shy away from asking the front desk clerk about the hotel's escape plan in the event of a fire; this information should also be displayed clearly on the inside of the door of your guest room and will indicate the nearest exits. Once you've confirmed this information, here are four other tips to keep in mind for the duration of your stay.

Check Your Window

One of the first tasks you should perform upon getting settled into your hotel room is to check that the window opens; this can provide you with an easy escape route in the event of a fire. Obviously, this is more important for hotel rooms on the ground floor and even the second floor, as you'd be unlikely to try to escape through the window on an upper floor. If the window of your lower-floor room doesn't open satisfactorily, either ask to be moved to a different room or have a maintenance staff member fix the issue.

Select An Outdoor Meeting Place

At home, your family should have an outdoor meeting place where everyone can gather in the event of a fire. This should be no different when you visit a hotel with your family. Select an ideal location away from the building. Depending on where you parked your vehicle, the meeting place could be around the vehicle.

Don't Hang Wet Clothing Over The Heater

Just as it's important to have an escape plan in the event of a fire, you must also be sure to avoid doing things that could risk a fire. If you've been out in the rain or you've been swimming in the hotel pool, you'll have clothing that needs to be dried. Don't hang it over the room's heater, as this can be a fire risk. Even if it's tempting, this is not a mistake that is worth making. Simply hang the clothing in the bathroom to dry as much as possible and place it in a plastic bag when you need to leave.

Treat Fire Alarms Appropriately

When an alarm goes off in your hotel room, especially at night, it's easy to dismiss it as a false alarm and stay in your room. You must always act as though there is a real fire and quickly exit the building. Even if it was a false alarm or a drill, your quick response will help you in the event of a real fire.

Keep these tips in mind when staying at hotels, such as Creole Inn.