Use These Traveler "Hacks" to Boost Your Next Hotel Visit

27 July 2016
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Currently, booking a night at a hotel has never been easier—a few keystrokes and clicks of the mouse and you can make a reservation. However, experienced travelers know that there's more to booking a stay than just finding a hotel online that has a favorable rate. There are a number of simple methods that the average traveler might not know, but that are possible to implement, to make your next stay more enjoyable. Here are some hacks to use.

Select Your Room Specifics in Advance

Instead of checking in and keeping your fingers crossed that you'll be happy with the particulars of your room, leave nothing to chance by making your requests known at the time that you book. Either call the hotel to make your booking (or book online and then place a follow-up call) to make some specific requests about your room. For example, you may wish to be on an upper-level floor, or you may wish to have your room near the stairs or away from the elevators. By calling, you can increase your likelihood (pending that night's vacancy rate) of having these requests fulfilled. 

Ask About the TV Features

Many hotels feature "smart" TVs or TVs that have extensive connectability to suit your various devices. This means that if you're traveling alone and want to relax with a movie in the evening, you won't be at the mercy of what happens to be playing on TV at the time. Instead, you can take a downloaded movie on your laptop or smartphone, sync it wirelessly or connect it with the TV and enjoy the movie of your choice on the big screen. Hotel websites often list the size of their rooms' TVs, but not always the features, so make sure you ask in advance.

Connect On Social Media First

Many hotels are actively engaging with their customers via social media, so don't be afraid to "Like" or "Follow" the hotel on your various social media accounts before you visit. Sending a message online that you're looking forward to your stay because the website's photos look fabulous, for example, provides the hotel with some exposure to your friends/followers, and hotels will often thank you in different ways. For example, if you've engaged on social media, you may find some food or drink vouchers waiting for you upon check-in, or even have some complimentary snacks delivered to your room after you get settled. You never know what types of services you'll earn, but a little kindness can go a long way.