Reasons That It's Better To Have Your Groomer Express Your Dog's Anal Glands

6 April 2018
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One of the nice things about having your dog professionally groomed is that many groomers can provide a variety of services beyond actually cutting your dog's hair. One such service is expressing the animal's anal glands, which is something that some dogs need done regularly. These glands, located inside the anus on each side, fill up with fluid and their swollen nature can cause your pet discomfort. While there are plenty of tips online that explain how to tackle this task yourself, you may wish to strongly consider paying your groomer a little extra for him or her to do this work. Here are some reasons why:

It's Not Pleasant

It might seem like a simple reason, but you should never lose sight of the fact that this process is unpleasant. If you watch an online tutorial and cringe, for example, it's probably a clear sign that you'd rather hire someone else to do the job. Inserting your finger in your dog's anus isn't a nice task to begin with, but when you express the glands, the fluid runs out. It often has a deeply pungent odor and, mixed with feces, may actually turn your stomach upon seeing and smelling it. 

You Don't Want To Hurt The Dog

Even though the average person can learn to express his or her dog's anal glands, there's always a risk of causing the dog pain when you're trying to do this job for the first time. Should you thrust your finger too deeply, the pet may be in discomfort; if you press too hard on the glands, which are already inflamed and sore, your pet may yelp in pain. Additionally, if you have large hands, the sheer size of your finger may bother the dog. By arranging for your grooming professional to perform this job, you're taking a step to reduce the risk of causing your dog pain. 

The Cleanup Is Easier

Grooming sessions often include bathing and shampooing the dog's hair, which can be a significant task on its own. When you express a dog's anal glands, the fluid and feces from the anus will usually run into the fur below the dog's anus. This means that if you wish to do the job yourself, you'll definitely need to wash the pet afterward — and then disinfect your tub to prevent the spreading of germs. When the pet groomer does this job, he or she will do it first, followed by a thorough washing and hair-cutting. For more information, you can contact companies like All Creatures Inn.