Top Benefits Of Staying At A Theme Park Hotel

21 October 2020
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Planning a vacation to a popular theme park in the United States can be very exciting. For example, Universal Studios or Disney World can offer a lot for every member of the family. One of the things you will have to decide when planning your vacation to a popular theme park is where you would like to stay. You have plenty of options; you can choose offsite at a nearby resort or hotel or you can choose a theme park hotel, such as a Universal Studios hotel.

There are plenty of benefits to staying at a theme park hotel, here are just a few.

Most Of The Hotels Are Located Onsite

You will find that when you book with a theme park hotel, such as a Universal Studios hotel, most of their properties are located onsite of the theme park. The resorts that aren't located onsite often offer shuttle services to and from the theme park. You may also be located within walking distance of the park's other offsite attractions, which could be a great entertainment and shopping venue filled with great restaurants and shops to explore.

Also, if you want to take a break from the theme parks themselves, you are often a short walk or drive away from other famous attractions.

They Offer Something For Every Budget

Unlike some of the other resort hotels, a theme park hotel offers something for every budget. Many theme park hotels have a wide range of room types from luxury suites to family-friendly and budget rooms. The room sizes are all large regardless of which type you get, with the luxury suites providing the most space.

Many of the hotels offer great views even at more standard or budget rates so you won't feel as if you are missing out. If you wish, you can upgrade your stay at many of the theme park hotels to a member or club level and gain access to perks like a private lounge, fitness centers, and even free breakfasts.

Theme park hotels also offer plenty of amenities for their guests. You will typically find onsite entertainment, games rooms, children's activities, pools, and popular coffee chains such as Starbucks onsite.

Early Park Admission And Discount Tickets

When you stay at a theme park hotel like a Universal Studios hotel, you will be granted early admission to the parks. This can grant your family an extra hour to enjoy the parks before the crowd levels go up. For example, if you want to visit The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter or go to the Magic Kingdom, an hour early admission is a great way to enjoy some fun during quieter periods.

You can also potentially get discounted tickets on your entrance to the parks. And options such as a Universal Express Unlimited pass or a Fastpass at Disney World lets you bypass the lines at certain rides for the entire length of your stay at the hotel. You can usually use the pass as often as you wish during your stay as well.