Why You Should Consider An Extended-Stay Hotel If You Need Temporary Housing

21 October 2020
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If you are building a new home or if your old home's sale closed before your new home's did, you are in housing limbo. You will need temporary housing to bridge the gap, and you might wonder if you should think about renting an apartment for a short term, or if you should stay in an extended-stay hotel.

There are very good reasons why you should consider an extended-stay hotel if you need temporary housing and here are just a few.

They Provide Flexibility

When you rent an apartment, even for the short term, you will have to stay there until the contract or lease has expired. This could be a problem if your new build home is finished before your lease is up. You don't want to be stuck still paying rent when your mortgage payments start.

When you stay at an extended-stay hotel, you have more flexibility to your length of stay and when you leave than you do with an apartment. You can either extend your stay or leave at any time with no fear of breaking a lease and incurring expenses.

They Have Better Amenities

When you stay at an extended-stay hotel for your temporary housing, you can enjoy better amenities than you would if you rented an apartment. For example, you won't have to worry about bringing your furniture with you and then re-packing and shipping it again. Hotel rooms are already fully furnished with everything you need already there.

Also, you can enjoy onsite swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants, games rooms, and what other amenities the hotel has. Keep in mind as well, you can use the hotel's WiFi, cable connection, and their utilities without paying extra for them in many cases.

Full-Sized Kitchens And Living Areas

You might be thinking that staying in temporary housing at a hotel means a kitchenette with a microwave and a couple of cupboards for storage, but that's not the case in an extended-stay hotel. You will get a full-sized kitchen complete with a stove, full-sized fridge, and sometimes even a dishwasher. There will be plenty of cupboards for storage too.

Also, you will find full-sized living rooms and bathrooms so you can feel comfortable while you wait for your new home to be built, or for the closing of your home to come through. For more information about using an extended-stay hotel for temporary housing, contact a local hotel.