Considerations When Choosing A Motel

26 August 2021
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Motels provide strategic lodging services to travelers. These roadside hotels offer convenience and affordability for travelers looking for accommodation during transit. However, the guest experience depends on the available amenities and service quality. This post provides a checklist for selecting an ideal motel. 

Does the Motel Have Positive Reviews? 

The general rule for selecting an accommodation facility is first to check customer reviews. Typically, reviews provide an opportunity to assess the level of service quality through previous customer feedback. Most motels maintain an online presence on websites, blogs, and social media accounts. Thus, take time to check online reviews on the motel. In particular, pay attention to any complaints and how the motel responds to criticism. This way, you can find out if the motel provides satisfactory services to avoid unpleasant surprises. Besides, you can establish if the motel is operational or under renovation through online reviews. 

Does the Motel Have a Strategic Location? 

The location of a motel is a primary consideration factor when making a booking. Usually, the location of the motel will affect your convenience. Thus, establish the exact location and assess if it is practical enough. The ideal location for a motel is by the roadside for accessibility. In this way, you will be able to make a stopover and continue with your journey afterward. Thus, avoid motels that will have you divert a long distance from the highway. Ideally, it would help to research the motel location before embarking on the journey for proper planning. 

What Amenities and Services Are Available? 

Most motels offer basic accommodation amenities. Typically, you will get a room with a bed and bathroom. Thus, check whether the room is spacious and the bed is sizeable enough. The motel room should also have a television screen for entertainment. Besides, the motel can have a restaurant and a mini-bar. Notably, there should be ample parking space for travelers. In terms of services, confirm if the motel has free internet services. Lastly, check whether the hotel offers complimentary breakfast. 

How Clean Is the Motel? 

The ideal motel provides a healthy living environment. Just because motels are basic does not mean you have to compromise on cleanliness. Therefore, check out your room and access the level of cleanliness before booking. Are the beddings clean? Are there signs of bugs in the room? Are the bathroom and toilet well maintained? Is there mold and stains on the wall and the floor? Such a thorough check will ensure you get a clean and comfortable room for a satisfactory stay. 

Are There Safety Features? 

Motels are located by the roadside, with rooms facing the road. This setting increases the need for security. Thus, book a motel that has invested in security systems. In this case, watch out for security surveillance cameras for the hotel building and the parking lot. Also, confirm if there are security guards to patrol the facility. Then, take time to check if your room door lock is functional. This way, you can enjoy your stay without concerns over personal and property safety. 

Having a checklist when booking a motel increases your chances of a positive guest experience. Book a motel that provides quality and convenient services while guaranteeing safety and comfort. 

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