Planning Your Gulf Vacation: What To Look For In A Rental

3 December 2021
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A vacation rental on the Gulf Coast provides access to breathtaking views and plenty of things to see and do. Finding the right rental can help you make the most of your time away with your family, so it's important to research each property you're interested in before you book. Here are some essential features to look for as you look at vacation rentals

Things To Do Indoors

Weather on the Gulf can sometimes be unpredictable, with rains and thunderstorms rolling in and out quickly. Having backup plans in case of storms will ensure your family has plenty of fun activities to take part in, even if the weather isn't so great. A vacation rental with built-in amenities, such as a game room, hot tub, or indoor pool, makes it easy to relax without having to venture out into a storm. Renting in close proximity to indoor attractions is also a good idea, so be sure to look for bowling alleys, arcades, or escape room facilities close to any property you're interested in. 

Proximity To The Beach

Of course, a beachfront view is ideal for a Gulf vacation, but you may find that there are plenty of other beautiful rentals located slightly further from the beach to meet your family's needs. Take into account the distance from the beach, either by car or by foot, as you look for a vacation home. Some locations may require a drive over a long bridge. If you have anxiety about driving over large bodies of water or on long bridges, you may want to consider renting closer to the beachfront to avoid these daily drives. Remember that some bridges also have tolls, which might be more expensive than traditional toll roads in your home state. 

Dwelling Type

For some, houses come to mind when thinking about vacation rentals. However, the Gulf Coast offers a wide array of dwelling types to rent. You can choose to stay in a high-rise condo on the beach or in a cozy cottage just a bit further away from the water. The location you choose will depend on your family's needs. A house with multiple bedrooms is perfect for a large family with young children, but a condo might be more appropriate for a family with teenagers or grown children. Take into account privacy needs and how many beds will be required before you book a rental. In most cases, rental listings will indicate how many people each home or apartment can sleep.